Weatherization Program

Program Mission

HSP was recently approved to be the authorized Weatherization provider for Carroll County. Weatherization provides incentives for homeowners and landlords to make energy improvements to their homes or rental properties. All services begin with an energy audit to identify areas eligible for improvement. Recommendations for improvements are made based on the outcomes from the audit. 

Services Provided

Home Energy Audits
Weatherization Services

For more information about these services, PLEASE CALL US at 410-857-2999 or CLICK HERE to email a worker from this program.


Eligibility for these services is based on monthly/annual household income levels.
You will be asked to provide proof of income before receiving assistance.
Eligibility may vary by service, please let us assist you to see if you qualify.
Maryland Energy Assistance Program grantees are automatically eligible for this services and will be the first to be contacted regarding energy improvements. 

Home Energy Audits

Weatherization technicians use home energy audits to determine which energy efficiency measures are most appropriate and cost-effective for each home. 

Weatherization Services

Typical measures to improve energy efficiency include installing insulation, reducing air infiltration, performing tune-ups and repairs to heating and cooling systems, replacing appliances to improve efficiency and safety, and replacing incandescent lighting with CFL or LED bulbs. 

Weatherization crews also address energy-related health and safety conditions, particularly carbon monoxide and combustion safety.