In March 2017, Mary was referred to the Family Stability Program funded by United Way of Central Maryland because she was facing foreclosure on her home. Mary has guardianship of her granddaughter, Stacy, a senior in high school who was looking forward to attending college after her graduation in June. Mary’s situation seemed hopeless until she met with her new Family Stability case manager.

After an initial assessment, it was determined that Mary needed to either obtain more income or reduce her monthly expenses to be able to afford to stay in her home. She knew that if she could get a loan modification, her chances of keeping her home would improve because her monthly expenses would be reduced. But to get the loan, she would need to make consistent monthly payments.

United Way Family Stability funds helped her make the three months of payments to get approved for her loan modification. Mary did her part by picking up more hours at work and earning enough income to cover her household expenses. Her new mortgage was approved, and the monthly payment is very affordable, giving her hope that she can remain in her home for the next thirty years or more.

Mary has completed the Family Stability Program, and with a few small changes, she was able to make huge strides toward her goals. She was given the opportunity to attend a Build-a-Budget Workshop through HSP’s Financial Education services to help her better manage her money as she continues to work toward lasting change.

Mary feels so grateful to HSP and United Way of Central Maryland for the assistance that was provided to help her achieve her goals and keep her bank from foreclosing on her home. She is looking forward to continuing her progress. Stacy graduated from high school and is attending college to obtain her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

The Family Stability Program is just one of many ways we use community funds to help those in need in our Emergency & Prevention Program. We would love to work with your church or community organization to help even more of our neighbors. Call us today!