Mark was referred to Opportunity WORKS by the Carroll County Office of Public Defenders. He had a history of substance abuse which led to multiple felonies. At nearly 60 years old, Mark had spent the majority of his adult life in prison. His last sentence lasting over 8 years. He was released to the public under the supervision of the central home detention unit.

Mark enrolled in the Opportunity WORKS on February of 2018 and immediately immersed himself in job-skill training. His motivation, organization, and ability to work well with the public truly shined. He readily worked on everything put in front of him; including the paperwork necessary to develop a resume.

Opportunity WORKS gave Mark hope which enabled him to embrace case management. He worked diligently to follow his service plan in order to overcome barriers and stabilize his life. Mark’s barriers included limited transportation, adherance to the strict guidelines of home detention, and battling cancer.

While at Opportunity WORKS, Mark applied for several jobs. However, due to the driving restrictions with home detention, he could not accept some positions that were offered. Despite being turned away from multiple jobs, Mark did not lose hope and continued to apply for more opportunities and work on change in order to grow as a person.

After being awarded his Soft Skills Completion Certificate, Mark continued to build on his natural people skills. In June of 2018 he was hired by Jiffy Lube as an Upper Bay Technician where he earns a livable wage. Mark continues to stay in contact with Opportunity WORKS, volunteers in our community garden, and still aspires to one day work for HSP or in peer support helping others struggling with addictions.