Jerry was drinking heavily and then lost his job. Relatives told him about the Westminster Rescue Mission, a local program to help with sobriety. In addition to battling alcoholism, Jerry had serious financial issues. He was heavily in debt, had several medical bills, and had neglected to file income taxes for many years.

His case manager referred to HSP for Financial Education services. When Jerry began working with Jen, the Financial Education Coordinator, he was assured that he wasn’t the only person with these problems. Jen explained to Jerry that if he was willing to put in the effort, they could work through this together. Jen and Jerry began working on his back taxes and paying off his outstanding debt.

Once his debt was reduced, Jen worked with Jerry to address his medical bills. As of today, he is debt-free and is putting 25% of his monthly salary into savings. Jerry appreciates the importance of maintaining a budget and creating savings in order to be financially secure.

With the help of HSP’s Financial Education program, Jerry is now an active part of the community. He has volunteered for HSP’s Carroll CASH Day and is currently taking the My Budget Coach training so that he can coach other participants to make smarter decisions with their own finances.

Jerry knows, first hand, that HSP gives HOPE, inspires CHANGE, and provides OPPORTUNITY. The help he received during his time of need is why he continues to volunteer with HSP to make a difference in our community.