Jack and Jen have two children together and were living comfortably in a small, three-bedroom apartment when Jen’s six children from her previous relationship were dropped off on her doorstep with no financial support from their father.

Raising eight children in a small space was quite overwhelming and it was getting tougher to make ends meet especially with only one income. With the increase in food, energy, and basic needs, the family fell behind on their electric and rent payments.

Jen applied for additional food stamps and the school food pantry was helping the family as well, but it was not enough to keep them afloat. They received a turn off notice from the electric company and an eviction notice from their landlord.

Jack and Jen were referred to HSP’s Emergency & Prevention Program in November of 2017 to get help with their eviction. They applied for energy assistance to address the turn off notice. HSP was able to use local resources to prevent the eviction, and Jack and Jen entered the United Way Family Stability Program which helped to secure their housing for the next several months.

During this time, they worked with their case manager to create a budget and make effective changes to get caught up on their expenses and plan for their future. With the help of the UW Family Stability Program, Jack and Jen were able to purchase their first home. All ten members of the family moved into a four-bedroom house in Taneytown.

HSP’s Emergency & Prevention Program provided Jack and Jen with the hope that their eviction could be prevented, the stability of secure housing so they could make necessary changes to their finances, and the opportunity to get out of debt, save money, and purchase their very first home..